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bear toss 50 year 50 year club 50 year club awards 50 year club luncheon 50 year club reunion 50year 5k 5k sigma 6th annual 72 companies and over 450 students attended 95 years old at time of photo turning 96 in june a a cappella a cappella concert a cappella concert fall 2010 wadsworth auditorium kw a conversation with carol long a geneseo a grand night for singing a musical fable a. a. lynn bolles aaron aaron steinhauer aaron weintraub ab abby dennett about above abroad ac concert academic advisement academy acapella acappella accelerator accent accents accepted accepted student access access opportunity program acclaimed offbroadway spanish theater company accountant accountants accounting accounting banquet accounting networking achieve achievement ackerman acrobatics act acting action activism activists activities activities commission concert activity activity student actor zvika serper lecture actors address ade ade reunion adirondack admission admissions admissions brochure admissions outcomes admitted adopt adopt a family advancement advisement meeting adviser advisers advisor advisors aerial aerials african africans against agreement agricultural agriculture agriculture and business center of excellence agriculture building air airshow aj sgaraglio akshara akshara narsipur al alan solon '81 gold workshop guest speaker alumni albany albers alberta alex alex clar alex davis alex rienzie alexander rienzie alexandra alexis kidder alfred alfred state alfred university alice alice austin theater alice austin theatre alice sheppard alicia torres award all college all college hour all college hour speaker all college speaker all dahl'ed up allcollege allcollege hour allen alliance allie allie dananberg allie henry allinger allison allison hoppe allison mckenna alpha alpha chi rho alpha phi omega alpha phi omega day of service altar alum alumna alumni alumni athletic hall of fame banquet dinner ceremony fall 2010 kw alumni athletics picnic homecoming weekend bb alumni athletics picnic homecoming weekend jk alumni baseball alumni baseball game alumni baseball game 2011 kw geneseo mudcats alumni blue wave swim meet alumni college alumni connections council alumni dorm move in alumni field hockey alumni field hockey game alumni field hockey game spring 2011 kw alumni game alumni hockey 2012 game kw alumni hockey game alumni hockey game at frontier field alumni ice hockey game alumni job shadow alumni lacrosse alumni legal panel alumni luncheon alumni mens men's soccer game spring 2011 kw alumni networking alumni panel alumni pep band reunion alumni reunion alumni rugby reunion alumni soccer alumni soccer game alumni softball game alumni sports weekend alumni swim meet alumni swimming blue wave homecoming fall 2010 sk alumni travel program alumni trip alumni weekend alumni womens women's soccer game reunion spring 2011 kw alumni womens women's volleyball game reunion spring 2011 kw alumnus alumnus don scimé '89 written and directed alums alyssa lesakowski alyssa presutti amanda rosati amargo amatrice amatriciana ambassador ambassador cameron munter ambassadors ambassadorship american american rock salt american rock salt lecture americans amy amy stanley an an evening celebrating our valley and greet anderson andes andre andre doeman andrea holland andrea holland '01 andrea klein andrew andré andré boulay animal animals anjoo anjoo sikka ann ann joynt annalee bainnson anne anne joynt annese anniversary annmarie announcement annual annual college service recognition annual fall meeting and dinner annual report portrait anthanasopoulos anthoine anthony anthony marra anthropology anything anything goes anything goes promo poster aop aop 2013 freshman aop freshman 2013 aop group photo aop incoming class aop individual portraits aop leaders aop portraits aop staff aop team leaders apo april arboretum arch archeology archive archived archived photos archives archway arcidiacono areial arena arethusa arethusa 120th anniversary arial arleen arlene around art art student arthur gordon artist artist in residence artist in residence robin dunn artists arts arts council ashley ashley fillmore ashley olin assault assesstivus assesstivus keynote speaker assestivus assistant associate associate professor of geology at the university at buffalo association association students ast astronomy at at brockport at hobart williams smith college at mcc at rit at the womens lacrosse game at tufts university athanasopoulos athlete athletes athletes raking leaves athletic athletic award ceremony athletic awards spring 2011 kw athletic banquet athletic hall of fame athletic headshots athletic leaf raking athletic staff portraits athletics athletics banquet athletics hall of fame athletics hall of fame dinner atlantic atrium attacks attire attorney aubrie aubrie johnsen auburn ny auditorium august 2011 0811 811 austin austin deridder author author's authors autumn autumn fall big tree morning light main street bb auxiliary avon primary school award award banquet award ceremony awards awareness away axp axp. alpha ayako azari backpack backpacking backpacks bailey bain bald bald for bucks ball ballroom ballroom lecture balsa band bands banister bank banner banquet bar barbara barilla barnabas barnabas gikonyo barnwell barrett baseball basement bash basketball basketball tournament batavia batavia muckdogs stadium batavia ny battle battle of the bands battles baxley bb bbq bear bear fountain beata beata golec beauty becky becky lewis bed beds bee been beer behrend being belyakov belyakovgoodman ben ben comune festival ben gajewski ben. benjamin bench benches benefit benefit walk bengal tiger bengal tiger at the baghdad zoo benison benjamin bennison benson bent berkley berko berkoboateng berry beta beth bethany vandermeid betty betty minemier between between the lines beverly beverly daniel tatum beyond bg bhangra big tree big tree inn big tree inn front autumn fall bb big tree inn front summer bb big tree inn front winter christmas lights bb bill bill bender bill brower bill caren bill cook bill lofquist billion biloxi bio bio english double major bio major switching to business bio olympics bio speech biochemistry biology biology professor biota bird's birds black black and white black box black box theater black box theater theatre black box theatre black lives matter black student union blank blersch block block party bloom bloomfield blooming blooms blossom blossoms blt blue blue and white blue and white day fall 2011 college green picnic blue wave blue wave men's mens women's womens swimming team senior day 400th win spring 2011 kw blue wave swimming blue wave swimming and diving blue wave swimming and diving faculty recognition day 2012 jb blue wave swimming team men's mens women's womens parents weekend fall 2011 kw blue white board board room boat boateng bob bob avallone bob bonfiglio bob duffy bob gardner '84 gold seminar workshop pearls of wisdom bob murray bob o'donnell boces bolles bonds bonfiglio book book making book making class bookmaking bookmaking class booth boru bosch bottle bottles boulay bowles box boys bracelet making bracelets brad brad campion brandon brandon gaylord brave breakfast breakfast with the president breaking the glass ceiling breast breast cancer awareness breast cancer fundraiser brent brett brett schrader keynote address bri brian brian connolly brian fogarty brianne brianne kelly brickler bridge bridge building bridgit ryan british columbia broadway brochures brockport brodie brodie dance studio brodie sculptures courtyard bb brodie tutton brooks broom broom ball broomball broomfield brother brower brown bruce bruce altman randy kaplan theatre class spring 2012 kw bruce jackson brunch bsu bsu soul food dinner college union ballroom macvittie spring 2012 jb btl btl between the lines a capella college green students singing fall 2011 kw bubble bubble ball bubbleball bucci buckley buckly bucks bud bud vanarsdale visit budding buddy buddy wakefield buds budynas buf buff buff state buffalo buffalo bills buffalo news buffalo ny buffalo state build build it learn it teach it building building your personal brand bullying buonocore burial burns bus busey business business advisory council business attire business major business panel business plan. business business students businesses but butterflies play by c c. c.c. christakos cabin cac cae cafe caligraphy call calligraphy calvin calvin gantt calvin j. gantt cam hampson camarella cameron munter camiolo camp campaign celebration campaign celebration weekend campbell campion campus campus auxiliary service campus fall campus house campus house lunch new students movein day fall 2011 kw campus house picnic campus quad college painted tree greek blue paint bb campus snow campus spring campus walk can can ny state transition to renewable energy fast enough canada canal canal side canalside cancer cancer fundraiser cancer fundraising event candidates candids candle candlelight cangialosi canton capella cappella caps capstone capture car car smash cara stafford caracciolo career career center career connections brunch career development career development center career services career services shadow program careers caren cares carestream carl orff' carmina burana carly carly fowler carly ritchlin carmen carney carol carol long carol long portrait carol long president welcome party carol long surprise carol long surprise party carol long surprise welcome party caroline caroline buonocore carolyn levinn carpet carr cas cas food show cash casi casino cast cast elena napoles goldfeder as isabel and ruben lorenzo gomez as francisco casting castleton cat crummey cat krok catharine catharine young catherine catherine adams cathy cathy young cats cattrall caudle cavanaugh cay cc ceglarski celebrating celebrating. the celebration celia celia easton center center for academic excellence center for community center for community presents center for inquiry center for inquiry discovery and development central ceo ceremonial ceremonial puck drop ceremonies ceremony certificate cfi cgi cgiu chad chain chainsaw chainsaw juggler chainsaw juggler mad chad taylor chair challenge chamber chamber choir chamber singers chamber singers alumni chamber singers reunion chamber singers rochester campaign launch kw fall 2011 champagne champange reception champions championship championships chancellor charity charles charles kenny charlie charlie zaepfel chat chauncey check check presentation checkin cheer cheering cheerleaders cheerleading cheers chef chef habiba boru chefs chelsea chemistry chemistry department chesin chi chiara chief chief experience officer chierici children children book childrens book chile china china night china nite chineese acrobats chinese chinese opera chip chip matthews chocolate chocolate casi amargo chocolates choir chorus chow chris chris brown chris brown portrait chris c dahl chris collins chris collins visit chris dahl chris dahl faculty farewell chris dahl retirement chris dahl singing chris kanaval chris leary chris liucci chris liucci '91 chris schultz christian christie christine christmas christopher christopher c dahl christopher c dahl day christopher c. dahl christopher dahl christopher dahl. christopher c dahl christopher soto chronicle church church publick cicely cidd circle circle k circle k concert cit city civil civil rights claire vannewkirk clar clare clarinet clark clarke clarkson class class of 1999 class of 2012 class of 2018 class of 2021 class of 79 classes classic classroom classroom inside classrooms claudia coleates clean cleary cline clint clinton clock clock face tower clookey closet closing clothes clothing clouds club clubs cm coacci coach coach hemer coach mike woods coach schultz coach scott hemer coach woods coaches coaches against cancer coaches vs cancer coaches vs. cancer cocktail cocktail hour coffee cohan cohen colby cole porter's classic musical coleates coligan collaborating collaboration collaborative collection college college campus green college council meeting college green college senate award college senate president award college union college union ballroom college union hunt room college union lecture college union lobby college union patio college union welcome back jam colleges colleges against cancer colligan collins colloqium color colors combo comedian comedy comm commencement commencement dress rehearsal commencemnet commerce committee communications communities community community choir community dialogue and dinner community engagement community gift drive community reception community service community sing commute compact company company the musical competition complex computer comune conard concert concert hall conditioning condon conducting conesus conference congressman chris collins connections connor anthoine connor beisner connor fedge connor keenan consolmagno construction contest contract convene convening conversation convocation cook cooking cooks cooperative cope cops copula corbett corner corrin spallone cortland cost council counselors countdown country county court house courthouse courtney courtney bent courtney budynas courtney cleary cream creating breakfast mix for senior citizens creation creative comm. of america creative communications credo credo kitchen creek cregan crew crew club crime crockett cronin cronon crosby cross cross country cross country invitational crow crowd crowd fans cheering pep band crowley crows csapo csi cts cu patio cuban cuban social dance cultivating cultivating community cultural cultural harmony cultural harmony week culture cup cup stacking cupola spire tower cupula curricular curt cutting cutting net cv cynthia cynthia oswald czop d'amico daga daga field dahl dahl celebration dahl commencement dahl graduation dahl hockey dahl parents dahl portrait dahl portraits dahl puck drop dahl retirement celebration dahl retirement community reception dahl sendoff weekend dahl signing dahl singing dahl speaking dahl speaking with parents dahl speaking with students dahl students dahl tea dedication dahl's last convocation dahl's last village breakfast meeting dahls last convocation dalvin dan dan loughran dan o'brien dana cohan dananberg dance dance club dance club orchesis dance ensemble dance flash mob dance masterclass dance party dancer dancers dancing dani daniel danielle danielle sayler danielle sheehan danny dava sobel dave dave gordon dave sanderson daveyy sak david david colligan david gallo david gordon david hursh david norton david ripple david wolf davis day 1 day 2 day 3 day before leaving for maine day of service day of the dead day one day three dayna dayna mercer days dc interns dead dean dean's student advisory board dean's student advisory board portraits deangelis deb debbie deborah deborah scodese french class debottis dec research decals december decision decker decorations dedication deep deep freeze deep freeze fundraiser degree degrees of inequality deliveries delivery deloitte deloitte alumni event delta demo democracy democratic demonstration demonstrations demuth denise denise a battles denise a. battles denise battles denise rotondo dennett dennis playfair dennis showers dennis showers math class department department of career development department of communications department of languages and literatures department of music derek stahl deridder desk destroy development devin mcdonald dialogue diana diana koepfer kyrwood diana ruggiero dick dick hatheway did diedrick digging digiorgio digital digital thoreau dining dining hall dinner dinner dialogue diplomat director director in residence elizabeth wong disability disabled disc disc frisbee golf tournament spring 2012 bb discover scuba discovery discovery cafe discussing immune system and how components within work together to prevent disease or at least disease recurrence discussion dissolved solids distinction distinguished distinguished leaders award district dive diversity diversity meet and greety diving diving womens swimming and diving dk document documentary documents doeman does religion cause violence dog dog fight dogfight dogs doherty doing dole dom dom scime don don quijote dona donates donna donnell donnelly donor donor dinner donor garden donor recognition dinner donor wall donors dooley door doors dorm dorm move in dorms dot dotterweich doty doty auditorium doty concert hall doty hall doty hall grand opening doty hall opening doty hall webinar room doty high school doty historical photos doty performance hall doty recital hall doty theater doty theatre doty tower room doug doug bartlett dove downtown dr seuss dr. dr. anthony ingraffea dr. catherine adams dr. jeannette m. anderson dr. john keene dr. nita sahai dr. seuss dr. tia mcnair dr. william t. cavanaugh drama drasser dress dress rehearsal dressed up drew ellison drive driver drop drum drumming drums dsab duffy duke dumpster dumpster dive dunc dunc hinckley dunc hinckley scoreboard duncan dunlap dunn duo durand dusan dusk dušan dwyer dwyer stadium dynamics e e garden e. early computer earnest earth earth day award earth day award presentation earth week earthquake east african cuisine eastman easton ebc eclipse eco ed ed gillin ed pettinella eddie eddie lee edge education educational edward egarden egbuchulam eisenberg elaine elaine bucci elders elders band concert wadsworth auditorium spring 2011 sk election elementary elena hingston elena o'connor elessa elimination elixir elixir of love elizabeth elizabeth witherell ella ella cline shear school of education ellicottville brewing company ellicotvi elmira elyssa ramirez elyssa renee ramirez embry emergency emeriti emeriti farewell party emeriti gathering emeriti reception emeritus emily emily ast emily green emily lockard emily martin emily wanamaker women's diving geneseo woman girl emma lannon empire employee emt en el tiempo de las mariposas encore end of year energy engagement english engstrom enrollment ensemble enslaved entrance entrepreneur entrepreneurial entrepreneurs entrepreneurship environment environmental ep ephraim schechter epsilon equestrian equestrian meet equestrian team photos eradication erected erg ergathon eric eric rohrbaugh host erin cregan erin down erin o'connor erin zurick erin zurick global finance manager at carestream errors erwin hall esf esham espanol español essay estate estelle estelle freedman estelle freedman is the edgar e. robinson professor in u.s. history at stanford university eta ethan gunty etiquette etiquette dinner etiquette dinner college union ballroom gold spring 2012 jb eulogy evan evan goldstein evening evening fireworks evening with student organization leaders event events excellence excellence in accounting exchange exit 8 experience experiment experiments expo externship extinguisher extra extracurricular eye fable face face aids faculty faculty and staff faculty and students faculty awards faculty convocation faculty farewell faculty portrait faculty recognition faculty recognition day faculty recognition lunch faculty senate faculty staff and students of color meet and greet faculty students fagan fair fairport h.s. polyphonic choir fall fall 2000 fall 2001 fall 20015 fall 2002 fall 2003 fall 2004 fall 2005 fall 2013 fall 2013 scene fall 2014 fall 2014. fall fall 2015 fall 2016 fall 2017 fall foliage fall foliage 2013 fall scene 2014 fame families family family photos family picnic family picnic at campus house family weekend family wekened fan fans fans cheering fantastic fantastic friday knight tailgate farewell farmers farmingdale fasanello fashion fatima fatima rodriguez johnson fda fduflorham feature february felix fellowship fellowships female fennell fernandez fest festival festival chorus festival of color festivities feuz field field game field games field hockey field hockey 2011 kw field hockey homecoming weekend 2011 jk field hockey senior day field hockey team photo field hockey vs morrisville field hockey vs nazareth field hockey vs. utica field research field work fields fieldwork fifty fifty year club fight figure skating figure skating club filkins fillmore film films final final four finals finance finance conference financing fine finger finger lakes opera finger lakes opera concert finger lakes opera gathering fink fire fireside firework fireworks firkins first knight first knight celebration gazebo students jk first nation first place first winner of the women's world poetry slam andrea gibson performspowerful readings on war first year first year adirondack first year olympics first year students firstyear firstyear olympics fisher fitch five five days at memorial flag flagpole flags flash flash mob fletcher flo floriano flower flowers flute fog fogarty foliage food food bank food drive food truck rodeo for lcn force ford foreign foreman fortune forum foundation foundation board foundation board weekend fountain four fowlkes fox fox glacier francesca francesca digiorgio frank frank vafier fraternity frederik hiebert fredonia fredrik freedman freeman freeze french frenzy freshman friday friday knight 5k friday knight tailgate friendly friends fringe frisbee from sa president to a stellar career in gov't frontier frontier field frozen frozen frontier fuel fund fundraiser fundraiser to help earthquake victims fundraising fusion g gaa gabe gabriella clare gabrielle gahu gala gala concert galan gallery gallivan game game night game of lawns games gantt garber garden garden beds gardens garlic garth gary gary caudle gary griz caudle gary towsley gary towsley classroom portrait shot spring 2012 april kw gathering gaus family gautam gavagan gavin gleasman gaylord gazebo gazebo fireworks gazebo sunset gccc gde gender bullying white privilegesexuality love spirituality generation generations genesee genesee quad genesee valley children's chorus geneseo geneseo a capella concert exit 8 hips and harmony between the lines southside boys spring 2011 sk geneseo airshow geneseo alumni achieve series geneseo alumni association geneseo alumni baseball game geneseo alumni mudcats geneseo alumni swim meet homecoming weekend 2011 bb geneseo authors reception geneseo bhangra geneseo chamber singers geneseo chamber singers string instruments students singing fall concert december 2011 jk geneseo chineese cultural club geneseo cross country invitational geneseo dance geneseo dance ensemble geneseo dance ensemble fall 2011 show bg geneseo dance ensemble posed photos jb spring 2012 geneseo dance ensemble spring 2011 bg geneseo day of service geneseo earth week geneseo equestrian geneseo equestrian team invitational fall 2010 kw geneseo equestrian team invitational meet fall 2011 kw geneseo first knight geneseo first knight kw geneseo first response geneseo first response recetion geneseo foundation geneseo fringe festival geneseo ice hockey geneseo ice knights geneseo interfaith service project geneseo invitational geneseo jazz combo geneseo knight geneseo knightline geneseo late knight geneseo late knight activity geneseo late knihgt geneseo mudcats alumni game geneseo music theatre club theater mtc fall 2011 show jk geneseo string band geneseo swim meet geneseo swimming geneseo symphony orchestra geneseo symphony orchestra fall wadsworth auditorium 2010 kw geneseo tedx geneseo tournament geneseo track and field spring 2011 bg geneseo voter task force geneseo wind ensemble geneseo's geneviva dodoo genseng gentrai gentraí geo geo's geography geology geology alumni reunion geology capstone research group geology class geology picnic geology reunion george george eastman house george gagnier george kuh george marcus georgina georgina theodora wood geos gerard gerard floriano gerry gerry floriano get getting gfr ghana ghana club ghana gala ghana gala spring 2012 jk union ballroom macvittie ghana project ghanaian gibson gidget gidget hopf gift gifts gikonyo gillian martel gillin giovanna fasanello gisp gisp program giver giving glacier gleason glenda glenn glenn mcclure glennda glennda dove pellito glk global global cafe global council global council inaugural meeting global geneseo world cafe global leadership panel globalization go goal goes gold gold alumni gold barbara lifton '73 workshop alumni guest speaker gold bruce jordan '66 seminar workshop alumni guest speaker gold center gold leadership center gold mentor gold mentor group photo gold mentors gold mentors 2011 fall portraits headshots gold mlk day martin luther king jr service activities gold procrastination workshop august 2011 0830 830 gold program gold seminar workshop hunt room students gold spring 2012 jennifer walker '94 twanda christensen '96 women's health expo gold susan pervi spring 2012 kw gold team building gold teambuilding gold volunteer and service award dinner spring 2012 big tree inn kw gold workshop gold workshop jeff cramer '86 1986 guest lecture presentation gold workshop parents weekend chip matthews newton gold workshop training gold workshop training mentor students gold workshop wes kennison gold workshops golden golden key golden key honor society goldstein golec golf gonder gony gonzalez good goodman gordon gospel got governor gown grad grads graduate graduate commencement graduates graduating graduation graduation ceremony graham grammy grammy foundation grammys grand grand opening grant grapes of wrath play performance fall 2011 bg great great day great day great day greater buffalo youth orchestra greek greek hall of fame greek life greek tree green green dome front greene greenfield greenfield sings greet greeting greg greg o'connell griz groundbreaking group group discussions group photo group photos group shots groups gstv gstv station guaranteed guard guest guest speaker gulbransen gumbo gumbo to go gunit gunty guy guys gwendolyn gwendolyn simmons gym gymnasium gypsy habiba half halftime halftime ceremony hall hall of fame hall of fame ceremony hall of fame induction hallf of fame halls halls of involvement hals hampson hands hannah hannah embry happy harbor harding harding lecture harmony harmony 4 hope harmony for hope harpsichord concert st michaels church main street spring 2012 kw harrigan harrison harrop harry harry howe hartan hartman hartmen harvest harvest dinner harvey hat hate hatheway have hawk haydn haydn's haydn's creation haydns hayes haylee adelman haylee adelman senior bio major head head coach head start heading headquarters heads headshot headshots headstart health health and wellness health and wellness expo health center staff portraits health clinic portraits health staff portraits healthy heights helen helen rice hell's hell's kitchen hells hells kitchen hemer henry here herzman high high school hilbert hill hills hinckley hingston hippies hippies for hope hips and harmony hips n harmony historical history history alums history professor history teachers hit hitting hobart hochul hockey hockey alumni game hockey fieldhockey hockey game hockey headshots hockey portraits hockey rink hof holding holi holiday holiday gift drive holiday gifts holiday jubilee hollasch hollywood holocaust home homecoming homecoming 2013 homecoming weekend homestead honor honor society honorary honorary degree recipient honorary gold certificate honoring honoring faculty honoring faculty ceremony honoring veterans honors honors recital honors recital parents weekend fall 2011 kw hope hopf horizontal horse horse races horses hosted hosted by suny geneseo houghton hound houppert hour house houston how how did we get here how much trash could have been recycled howe hr hugging human human resources hunger hunt hunt room hurricane hurricane sandy relief trip hursh hutch hutchinson hutchison huthcinson hysell i i love a piano ian ian harrop ian harrop '89 ib ibero ice ice arena ice cream ice hockey ice hockey portraits ice hockey team photos ice hockey vs plattsburgh ice knights ice knights alumni hockey game fall 2010 kw ice knights teddy bear toss ice rink idea idea2venture ideatoventure illustration illustrator imbrosci immersion implications importance in in classroom in collaboration with wegmans foodlink mt bank in the in the classroom in the field in the lab in the time of the butterflies inaugural inauguration inbetween indigenous individual individual photos indoor indoor track indoor track and field indoor track meet at rit inductees induction inflatable information ingraffea inishmore initiative inn innovation inquiry insomnia installation installed institute instructor instrument instruments integrated integrated science center integrated science cetner inter faith intercultural intercultural dinner interfaith interfaith center interim interim president interim president carol long interimpresident interimpresident carol long international international student international student reception international student scholar services international students interns internship internship presentation internships intervarsity interview into introduction invasive investigation investment invisible invisible children displace me night college union ballroom spring 2012 cardboard boxes homes jb invisible children displace me night college union ballroom spring 2012 cardboard boxes homes kw invitation invitational involvement ipads ira ira s wilson ira s wilson ice arena ira s. wilson ice arena ireland irene irene belyakovgoodman irish irish dancing irwin is isc isc integrated science center island isss it it's italy italy celebration italy races ithaca its iturbides iv ivan ivan cash ivan cash '08 ivy jack jack and carol kramer jack and carol kramer lecture jack ceglarski jack eisenberg jack kramer jacket jacket dedication jackson jackson lathrop jacob wirth jaisen clark james james kernan james leary james mclean james patterson james walker jami cohen jane jani jani lewis japanese japanese cultural club japanese sword demonstration jasmine jasmine tang jazz jazz combo jb jc jc '17 jcc jeckyll and hyde play performance spring 2011 bg jeff jeff clarke jeff over jemison jenna phillips jennifer jennifer dunlap jersey jessica jessica cost jessica it's all good williams jessica its all good williams jessica williams jewelry jfew jfew scholars jia jia sha jill jill patel jim jim houston jim kernan jim kimball jim kimball music collection jim leary jim leary dinner jim milroy jim tiller jim walker jk job job shadow job shadow program jobs joe joe bucci joe carr joe chiara joe cope joe showers joe showers juggle joel joey jones john john camiolo john decker john gleason john gonder john hoey john keene portrait john linfoot john o'malley johnsen johnson johnston joint jon jon hysell jonathan cohen jonathan gonder jones jonna ann jordan jordi menkhorst joseph joseph carr joseph cope josh josh carney joshua joynt jr jr. jr. day jubilee judith judith albers judy judy albers juggler juggling julia julia azari july june june 2013 june rose junior junior carolyn levinn justice justin behrend justin ringen k kaaren kaaren smith kaci snyder kaelyn kaelyn rich kailey kailey diedrick kala wilkins kaleidoscope kaleidoscope concert fall 2011 wadsworth auditorium kw kaleidoscope concert parents weekend wadsworth auditorium fall 2010 sk kalmoe kanaval kappa kara houppert karen karen podsiadly karen podsiadly '90 kasa kasa dinner kasa multicultural dinner kasa poker night knight spot spring 2012 jb kate kathleen kathryn kathy kathy hochul katie katie durand katie muller katie rommelesham katie vienneau katz kay kayla kayla deangelis kayleigh blersch kayleigh cavanaugh kaylin kaylin stone kb kbfav kd keenan keene kelly kelsey kelsey annese kelsey raschke ken kenneth kennison kenny kernan kerry kerry alexander kerry alexander portrait kerry buckley ketterle keuka kevin kevin crockett kevin gavagan kevin mcgrath kevin zabransky key key bank check presentation key to the town key to the village key to town key to village keynote keynote lecture keynote speaker kiara kiara danielle brown kidder kids kim kim harvey kimball kimberley kimberly kindergarten kinetic kinetic art gallery kinetic art gallery work student art king kitchen kits knapp knight knight mascot knight spot knight's knight's first day of service knightlight knightlights knightline knightlink knights knights first day of service knights vs knightspot koch kodak kodak ceo koepfer korean korean american student association korye geneseo ghanaian dance and drum ensemble kramer krisdreessen kristen balschunat kristin kristine krok kuh kuhl kuhl gym kurt kurt fletcher kw kw16 kylie papagelos kyrwood l l'onda l.i.v.e.s l.i.v.e.s. la la traviata laabs lab lacrosse lake lakes lamb lamoreaux lamp language lannon larry gaus larry gaus and family larry gaus locker room dedication laser last last knight lata late late knight late night lateknight lathrop latin american studies program latin class latino lauderdale lauderdale center portraits lauderdale health center staff laughing laughter laureate lauren lauren corbett laurie knapp lawn lawns lawrence lawrence ross lax laying lea lea sobieraski lead leader leaders leadership leadership awards leadership center leadership conference leaf leah leah greene lean learn learning leary leary dinner leary leadership dinner leaves lebanon lebanon valley lecture lecture hall lecture in ballroom lecturer lecturn lederer lederer gallery lee leg up stables legal lenny leonard les purse letchworth letchworth center letchworth dining hall letchworth invitational letchworth state park letter letters lewis lewiston li library lieutenant lieutenant governor lieutenant governor duffy life light light post lights limelight limelights limelights and accents linda lindsay lindsey lindsey feuz lindsey feuz '09 line lines linfoot linus liquid liquid nitrogen literacy literacy scholarship liucci live live green expo lives lives program living living learning communities living learning community livingston livingston cares livingston cares dinner livingston county area chamber of commerce livingston county artist erica king will be teaching a bookmakingclass for students in college union room 322323 livingston county country club livingston county end hunger day livington county livonia liz liz doherty liz felix lizzy morton llc llcs lobby lobby inside lockard locker locker room locker room ceremony lockhart gallery flora and fauna narrative through iconography jb spring 2012 lofquist lohraseb londa long long island long point park loo lost lost woman of troy lost women of troy loughran louis louis lohraseb lounge love love and laughter in repertory lsa luciano luciano scala lulu lulu westbrookgriffin lulu westbrooks griffin lulu westbrooksgriffin lunch luncheon luther lycoming lynes mac mac miller macvittie macvittie lecture mad mad chad maddie palmer main main street main street bash maine make make your mark makes maley malinak mallows man managed management manager mansion mapstone mapstone research weekend march mardis gras event marie marilyn marilyn moore marilyn moore retirement dinner reception spring 2011 kw mariposa mariposa fernandez marissa benson mark mark cronin mark cronin '88 mark kane '80 gold workshop alumni speaker guest mark scott market marketing marketing panel markets marra marshall marshall lichtman martin martin luther king martin luther king jr martin luther king jr commemoration martin luther king jr day of service martin luther king jr. mary mary hope mary jemison dining hall mary lambert mary mohan maryellen elia marylen santos mascot mascot madness master master class master's masterclass masters masters commencement masters graduation masters program match matches math matheson matt matt d'amico matt solomon matt walters matt walters '94 speaker matter matthew matthews may may 2014 may 26 2016 maya is a freshman maya lucyshyn mayor mayor of geneseo mbb mcclean mcclure mccoy mcdonald mcgrath mckenna mckenna brooks mclean mcu mcu welcome back jam me meaghan meaghan arena meaghan johnston medaille medal medal of distinction media bias medicine medley meet meet and greet meet the accountants meeting megan megan tomaszewski mela melinda dubois melissa melissa graham members memorial memorial scholarship men men's men's alumni soccer men's and women's men's and women's cross country men's and women's xc men's basketball men's basketball mens senior day 2012 kw men's basketball team photos men's basketball. mens men's cross country men's cross country team photo men's hockey men's hockey locker room men's ice hockey men's ice hockey practice men's ice hockey vs morrisville men's ice hockey vs western new england 2012 kw men's lacrosse men's lacrosse alumni game men's lax men's mens basketball honoring faculty recognition ceremony 2012 spring kw men's mens basketball senior day presentation activities 2011 kw men's mens basketball spring 2011 kw men's mens basketball spring 2012 vs new paltz kw men's mens basketball vs oneonta spring 2012 men's mens basketball vs suny brockport kw men's mens hockey parents weekend 2010 kw men's mens ice hockey 2012 honoring faculty jb men's mens ice hockey knights parents weekend fall 2011 kw men's mens ice hockey uaa traditions senior night 2011 men's mens ice hockey vs fredonia fall 2011 jb men's mens ice hockey vs fredonia kw men's mens ice hockey vs oswego blue and white day 2012 men's mens ice hockey vs oswego fall 2010 kw men's mens lacrosse alumni game homecoming weekend bb men's mens lacrosse lax spring 2011 vs cortland kw men's mens soccer honoring faculty ceremony fall 2011 kw men's mens soccer vs at brockport playoffs fall 2011 kw men's mens soccer vs clarkson fall 2010 kw men's mens soccer vs. st lawrence fall 2010 kw men's soccer men's soccer homecoming weekend 2011 jb men's soccer team photo men's soccer vs. fredonia men's soccer vs. ithaca men's soccerm men's swimming and diving men's women's mens womens cross country xc rochester invitational fall 2010 bb men's xc menkhorst mens mens alumni soccer mens and womens mens and womens basketball game mens and womens indoor track and field mens and womens swimming mens and womens swimming and diving mens basketball mens basketball team photos mens basketball vs alfred mens basketball vs potsdam mens cross country mens cross country team photo mens hockey mens hockey locker room mens ice hockey mens ice hockey alumni game mens lacrosse mens lacrosse alumni game mens lax mens men's alumni lacrosse lax game homecoming fall 2010 kw mens men's basketball fall 2010 vs hobart kw mens men's cross country xc rochester invitational fall 2011 kw mens men's hockey senior night 2012 bb mens men's ice hockey playoffs vs fredonia 2012 kw mens men's soccer senior day activities fall 2010 kw mens men's womens women's swimming swim diving dive championship sunyac spring 2012 kw mens soccer mens soccer vs. potsdam mens swimming and diving mental mental health town hall mentor mentoring mentors mentorship mercer mercy meredith message mettler meunier meyer mgmt mgmt concert michael michael camarella michael engstrom michael nieminen right michael nieminen michael oberg mid midatlantic midknight midknight breakfast midnight midnight breakfast mikayla moore mike mike mooney mike oberg mike raszeja mike woods mike woods invitational mike woods retirement miles miles men miles portraits military miller mills milne milne library milroy mine minerva ming minton misericordia mississippi mix mixer mj mj dining hall mlk mlk day mlk day of service mlk jr mlk jr day mlk jr. mlk martin luther king jr. day jr gold 2012 mob mobile mock mod model model a modela mohan mole mole day molecular cell structure lab spring 2012 professor james mcgarrah students isc integrated science center kw moliere molière mollene molly molly christie gonzalez molly mckeown monica monroe monroe hall monsters vs month moon mooney moore morgan maley morning morrisville morton mosaic mosquito motherfer move move in move in day move in movein day movein movein day movement moving moving music collection from jim kimball's house to mcclellan house ms mtc mtc music theater theatre club show performance wadsworth auditorium fall 2010 sk muckdogs mud mudcats mudcats baseball muhlenberg multicultural multicultural dinner multicultural leaders reception multicultural meet and greet multicultural organization multicultural performances multiculture munnelly murphy murray museum music music theatre club musical musical concert musical theater club musical theatre club myrt myrt merritt nac nana nana victor berkoboateng nancy nancy zimpher narsipur nate brown nathan nathan kalmoe nathan lee graham nation national national alumni council national fellowships and scholarships reception national french week national ocean national science foundation national warplane national yoyo master nationals native native american nature nature club naz nazareth ncaa ncaa atlantic regional championship ncaa midatlantic regional ncaa national tournament ncaa qualifiers ceremony ncaa quarterfinals ncaa recognition event ncaa semifinals ncaa tournament ncaa tournament first round ncaa trip necaise net nets network networking networking mixer and dinner program networkng neumann neureiter new paltz new politics new student new student and family picnic new student convocation new student convocation wadsworth auditorium new student dinner new student move in new student movein new student picnic new student welcome picnic fall 2011 kw new students south side campus stand up leadership group fall 2011 kw new york city new york city alumni event new york stock exchange new zealand newsletter newton newton hall nicaraguan nicaragua students visiting visit campus corner pocket spring 2012 kw nicholas nicholas cangialosi nick nick cangialosi nick warner night night twilight nine nita nitrates nitrogen nj no laugh track required show spring 2012 kw sturges auditorium nobel nogra fall norm norman north norton norwood norwood pennewell not nothing nothing but net nothing but nets november nsf number ny nyc nyc alumni event nys nys master teacher program nysacac nysacac conference nysacac steering comm nyse nyu o'brien o'connell o'connor o'donnell o'malley oa oa's oak oak hill oak hill country club oakie the acorn oas oberg october october alumni event of of career offbroadway office ohio ohio northern old doty olin olivet olympic olympics omega on onandaga onandaga field one one act play one great hour oneact play written by american playwright margaret edson oneonta open open call open house opener opening opening convocation opening weekend openings opera opera concert opera kids oppenheimer funds opportunities program opportunity optical lab optical laser lab optics optics lab optometrist optometry orange orchesis orchestra organization organization expo organizations orgasm orientation orientation advisors orientation summer session origami oswald oswego out in the field outdoor outdoor class outdoor concert outdoor hockey game outdoors outfit outfits outing outreach outside overnight overtime overtime win owner of building jim rutowski oxfam oxfam dinner oxfam feeding america dinner p neureiter packed packing padalino paige o'connor paige pendleton painted painted tree painting painting churches staged drama reading fall 2011 bg palmer paltz pamela kurau panel panel discussion panels pantry papagelos parade parent parent's parent's college session parenthood parents parents college session parents in classroom paris park parking parks 2020 parnas particle particle accelerator particle accelerator demo particle wave tank party passport pasta pat pat condon pat pallen patel patio patricia patricia galan patricia gonzalez patrick patrick buckley patterson patterson scholarship patty paul paul schacht paw pbc pipes pd peace pearls pearls of wisdom pearls of wisdom series pellito pendleton penn state pennewell pennst burks people people for animal welfare people in ballroom people sitting in ballroom pep pep band pep band reunion percussion percussion ensemble perform performance performance hall performance singing students performances performer performers performing personal peter peter kreinheder peter kreinheder portrait pettinella petting phi phi beta kappa phi beta kappa induction ceremony phi eta sigma phi eta sigma honor society phi eta sigma induction ceremony phi lamb philanthropy philanthropy award phillips phosphate photo by annalee bainnson photo by joey jones photographer photographs photography photos by photos by annalee bainnson photos by annalee bainnson. ab photos by bb photos by ben gajewski photos by bg photos by bob oswald photos by brian bennett photos by carole volpe photos by cca photos by cm photos by cv photos by jb photos by jc photos by john photos by john coacci photos by jonathan baek photos by kala wilkins photos by kati buck photos by katrina buck photos by kd photos by kim faber photos by kris dreessen photos by kunal datta photos by kw16 photos by michelle stevens photos by michelle walsh photos by michelle worden photos by ms photos by sh photos by sh '17 photos by sinead photos by theo liu photos by theodore liu photos by tracy gagnier photos by troy hallahan phtos by jb physical trainor physics physics alumni physics reunion physics students phystec phystech pi piano piano deliver piano delivery piano rehearsal piano tech piccione picnic pie pie pies charity invisible children fundraiser fall 2011 college union kw piece pine pink pitch pittbradford place placid plan planned plant planting planting garlic plants plastic plattsburgh play play acting play for kay play performed in spanish with english subtitles players celebrating playfair playing playoff playoffs podium podsiadly poet poetry pogo pogozelski poinsetta poinsettia point points pole police political political science political science dinner political science guest speaker political science speaker politics politics environmental action poly poly sci poly tech polysci polysci dinner polysci speaker pomotional photo pool portait portrait portraits posed poster poster boards poster photo poster presentation poster presentations posters posters from opening weekend posthumous potsdam potsdam bears powder power power couples powers practice preparedness present on a story that they find personally meaningful from their tradition presentation presentation students presentations presented by the department of theatre and dance presenting presents president president battles president carol long president chris dahl president christopher c dahl president christopher c dahl community reception president christopher c. dahl president christopher dahl president dahl president dahl hockey president dahl portraits president dahl puck drop president dahl's last convocation president dahls last convocation president denise battles president dr. daniel buor from valley view university in ghana visit president search president's president's address president's breakfast president's dinner president's diversity lecture president's emeriti reception president's gala president's house president's message president's office president's recognition dinner president's residence president's sustainability lecturer. president's tea president's welcome picnic presidential presidential scholars presidential scholars reception presidential search presidents presidents breakfast presidents dinner presidents gala presidents house presidents message presidents office presidents recognition dinner presidents welcome picnic press presutti prevention preview pride prize producer production professional professional attire professional development professional dress professional job and internship fair professionals professor professor ed gillin professor of international relations at pomona college in california professor robert young professors professors teaching profile program programs project projects promo promo photo promo shots promotion promotion shots promotional prospective prospects of renewable power in ny state protest provost provost carol long pryor psi psychology public public reading public readings publick puck puck drop puffin puffin illustration puffin purple purse push put quad qualifying quarterfinals quarterfinals. quarterfinal quartet quidditch quidditch club quidditch club team fall kw quidditch team quijote ra raa race races rachel walsh racism radio radio club rain rain location at mcc rainbow raise raising raking rally ramirez randy raphaella d'alonzo raphaella d'alonzo sophomore accounting raschke raszeja ray rb rd read reading readings reads real real world geneseo rebecca rec received receiving reception recipient recipients recital recital hall recitla recognition recognition dinner recognizing record red red carpet red jacket red white and blue knight red white and blue night redhawk redjacket reed reflection regalia regina regional regional engagement regionals registering registration rehearsa rehearsal reidis lata relations relay relay for life relief religion remembrance remodel renewable renovation repackaging pet treats into smaller bags for senior citizens who have furry friends repertorio repertorio español repertory repretorio espanol off broadway theatre company res res life res. res. life research research picnic researching residence residence hall move in residence life resident resources respect response retiree lunch retiree luncheon retirement retirement announcement reunion reunion 2013 reunion 2015 reunion. 2012 reunions rev rev. rev. dr. iris banister rev. dr. martin luther king jr. day revelations revelations a musical medley rho ribbon ribbon cutting rich richard rick right rind ringen rink rink kw ripple rise rising rit rit fieldhouse rit invitational rita bender ritchlin riverside convention center rj rj burns rlk rlk 2013 rlk reunion rlk reunion 2013 ro road road trip rob rob dicarlo rob o'donnell robert robert duffy robert duke sells lecture robert o'donnell robertson robin rochester rochester city school rochester ny rochester philharmonic orchestra rochester uofr rochester young scholars academy rochester young scholars academy at geneseo rock rockefeller center rockfeller center rocks rodeo rodriquez roemer roemer lecture rogers rommel rommelesham ron ron herzman ronna bosko roof rooftop room rose rose marie chierici rosemarie chierici roshi ross roster roswell park visit roth rotondo round round 1 round 2 round 3 round one round three round two roundtable royal lady knights royal lady knights reunion rpo ruel mcknight lab photos students kw rugby rugby reunion ruggiero run rush rush oak opening rush oak openings russian musicians performers spring 2011 kw ryan ryan donnell ryan donnelly ryan gulbransen rysag rysag classroom s s'more making s'mores s. sa saffran sahai salon salt salutes salve salve regina sam sam rind samantha sherman sami brown sancilio sanderson sandy sandy relief trip santilli sara gearhart sarah sarah ackerman sarah ackerman class of '14 sarah bain sarah malinak saturday saturday knight spectacular saul williams keynote speaker address hip hop symposium spring 2012 kw saunders savannah williams save saw sawyer sawyer green sayler scala scavanger hunt scavenger hunt scene scenery schacht schact schneider scholar scholars scholarship scholarship winners scholarship. hunt scholarships school school 23 school district school of business school of business banquet school of business faculty school of business fall meeting and dinner school of business golf school of business golf 2013 school of business golf tournament school of business internship presentation school of business meeting school of business professors school of business professors in the classroom school of business retreat school of business students school of ed school of education school. of schools schrader schultz sci science science picnic sciences scime scimé scodese scoreboard scoreboard dedication scott scott hemer scuba scuba diving scubadive scubadiving sean tomkinson search second second overtime win section section five section v section v sportsmanship summit section v sportsmanship summit 2011 spring kw sections segway segways sells semi semifinal semifinals seminar seminars senator senator cathy young senator chris collins senator pat gallivan senior senior athletic banquet senior champagne reception senior day senior night senior recital senior recognition senior toast seniors september september 11 september 11th series service service learning service learning forum service projects services session sessions seuss seuss spruce seuss tree spruce seussical seussical the musical sexual sexual assault sexual assault awareness month sexual assault awareness week sexual violence and citizenship rape and race in american history sgaa sgaraglio sh shadow shadow program shakespeare shaking hands shakti shakti club shara sharing our stories sharing stories shave shave for the brave shaved heads shaving shaving heads shear sheehan shelter shepard sheppard sheri sheri fink shikha shikha gautam shoelaces shoot shooting shop shopping shops shot shots should shoulda shoveling shoveling snow show siblings weekend spring 2012 juggling jugglers performance performers wadsworth auditorium jb sid side sig sig tau sig tau golf outing sig tau jacket sig tau reunion sig taus sigma sign signing sikka simmons simulation sing singalong singer singers singing singing a change is gonna come sister six things new yorkers should know about the iroquois but seldom are taught sixteen sk skate skating skidmore sky skype slainte slam poet slam poet buddy wakefield slam poetry slice slices smash smashing smif smif banquet smif breakfast smiling smith smoke smore making smp snow snow on campus snowing snowman snowy snyder so so long solo soaring soaring stars sob sob faculty sob golf outing sob professors sob professors teaching sob retreat sobieraski soccer soccer team social social studies teachers societies society soe sofball sofia villalon softball softball senior day softball vs keuka solar solar eclipse solo solomon somerville sophia sophia garber sophomore sorrell sotiri athanasopoulos sotiris athanasopoulos soto soul soul food dinner soup south south hall south hall front blue sky bb south hall lobby bb southside southside boys southside south side boys a capella performance buffalo campaign launch fall 2011 kw sox space spallone spanish spanish play speaker speakers speakers' speaking speaking about media bias speaking with students species spectacular speech speech buddies speech buddy speed speed networking speednetworking spelling spelling bee spencer sponsored by cas sport sports sports hall of fame induction ceremony banquet alumni homecoming weekend 2011 kw sportsmanship sportsmanship summit spot sprign 2015 spring spring 2005 spring 2006 spring 2010 commencement ceremony photos by bb spring 2010 commencement ceremony photos by cc spring 2011 commencement ceremony bb spring 2011 commencement ceremony rt spring 2011 commencement ceremony sk spring 2012 spring 2012 alumni donor dinner presidential president reception bb spring 2012 alumni donor dinner presidential president reception ceremony kw spring 2012 alumni donor dinner presidential president reception jb spring 2012 alumni field hockey game jb spring 2012 alumni legal panel newton kw spring 2012 aop recognition dinner college union ballroom reception awards jb spring 2012 athletic stadium groundbreaking ceremony kw spring 2012 athletics award banquet dinner college union kw spring 2012 bald for bucks relay for life students shaving heads their head cancer research fundraising college union jb spring 2012 bhangra dance performance great day kw spring 2012 bill cook retirement dinner april big tree inn kw spring 2012 commencement class of 2012 school of education convocation l.i.v.e.s lives program graduates kw spring 2012 commencement rehearsal new alumni wine reception kw spring 2012 commencement undergrad undergraduate kw spring 2012 genseng genseng's eye of the coconut april kw spring 2012 glenn mcclure hornell high school middle school check presentation ghana food project global citizen kw spring 2012 gold leadership center randy chaplin '81 kw spring 2012 gold livingston cares volunteer dinner awards interfaith center kw spring 2012 gold program julie clark '90 kw spring 2012 great day jb spring 2012 greg roloff '12 robert o'donnell odonnell lab portraits kw spring 2012 jim james leary dinner athletic e. philip phil saunders kw spring 2012 k.a.s.a. cultural night dinner college union ballroom kasa jb spring 2012 kevin bales dinner big tree inn kw spring 2012 kevin bales guest speaker ending modern slavery april lecture speech kw spring 2012 kw spring 2012 long island launch shaping lives of purpose campaign diana vastaroach spring 2012 long island launch shaping lives of purpose campaign kw spring 2012 masters degree commencement ceremony wadsworth auditorium kw spring 2012 mens men's alumni soccer match game jk spring 2012 mens men's lacrosse lax senior day vs plattsburgh bb spring 2012 mens men's lacrosse lax senior day vs plattsburgh kw spring 2012 mens men's lacrosse lax vs oswego april spring 2012 mens men's rugby reunion photos by cv spring 2012 music theater club mtc jk spring 2012 music theater club mtc performance spring semester jk spring 2012 new england campaign launch boston cv spring 2012 no laugh track required rehearsal practice kw spring 2012 phi beta kappa pbk induction big tree inn kw spring 2012 pie pi your professor autism awareness research fundraiser sturges quad jb spring 2012 presidential summit alumni panels meetings committees spring 2012 relay for life ice rink event colleges against cancer jk spring 2012 section v sportsmanship summit kuhl gym bb spring 2012 shaping lives of purpose albany campaign launch kw spring 2012 student leadership award ceremony college union ballroom kw spring 2012 sunyac playoffs mens men's lacrosse lax vs plattsburgh kw spring 2012 syracuse campaign launch shaping lives of purpose century club kw spring 2012 track and field honoring faculty meet april jb spring 2012 wadsworth lecture ken adelman kw spring 2012 whats what's your number make your mark campaign fundraiser alumni athletics weekend april bb spring 2012 women's womens tennis commencement campus house class of 2012 kw spring 2012 womens women's alumni soccer match game jk spring 2012 womens women's alumni volleyball match game jb spring 2012 womens women's lacrosse lax game bb spring 2012 womens women's lacrosse lax senior day photos by jb spring 2012 womens women's softball road trip away game vs union college kw spring 2013 spring 2014 spring 2014 spring spring 2015 spring 2016 spring 2017 spring 2017. spring spring 2018 spring awakening 2012 bg spring concert spring fest spring foggy morning fog spring scene 2015 spring scenery spring show spring student organization expo spring summer 2012 students faculty watch venus transit the sun college green kw springfest spruce square st john fisher st lawrence st norberts st. st. john fisher st. lawrence stack stacker stacking stadium staff staff headshots staff portraits stafford stahl stand stand up standup stanley egbuchulam star star wars star wars knight stars start stat state state of the state staten island statesman statistics statistics conference steel steel drum band steele steering steinhauer steinway steinway and sons steinway piano stephanie clookey stephen stephen collins stephen padalino steve steve allinger steve crosby steve minton stevens stevenson stock stock market stocks stone stop store stores storm story story of three sisters who inspried a revolutionary movement in the dr against the dictatorial regime of gen. rafael leonidas trujilo storytime strang strathallan stream discharge street strength strength and conditioning strength coach strike strike out cancer string student student ambassador student ambassadors student and campus life student association student athlete student athletes student athletes handing out dog tags student awards student clubs student dance student engagement student environmental art spring 2012 bb student expo student in classroom student job shadow student leadership symposium student life student managed investment fund student management investment fund student move in movein day august fall 2011 kw student networking student organization student organization awards student organization expo student organization expo college union fall 2011 student organization expo fair college union spring 2012 jb student organizations student presentation student presentations student research student singing student students student studying student swimmer student teaching student volunteer student volunteer trip student volunteering student volunteers student. students students students and faculty students around campus students at president's house students classroom students dancing students dorm students giving talk students in business students in classroom students in monroe hall students in particle accelerator students in suits students in the classroom students in the community students in trading room students in union students interning students making smores students moving into dorm students networking students nice weather students on campus nice weather fall 2011 warm day kw students on main street students outdoors students outside students physics students presenting students riding mechanical bull students singing students student students studying students talking with alumni students volunteer students volunteering students walking students walking outside students wearing suits studet studio studio art study study abroad study abroad fair study abroad fair college union ballroom fall 2011 study abroad volunteer fair expo college union spring 2012 kw studying stuff stuffed stuffing sturges sturges auditorium sturges fall sturges hall sturges quad sturges snow sturges sturges sturges sunset suess sugnet suhr suit suite suits summer summer 2013 summer 2013 sob golf tournament summer 2014 summer 2016 summer 2017 summer kw summer orientation summer orientation session summer orientation video summer research summer reunion summer reunion 2013 summer scene 2013 summer soccer summer volunteers summit sun sunrise sunset sunset twilight suny suny geneseo alumni association suny's suny's got your back sunyac sunyac campionship sunyac championship sunyac playoffs sunyac quarterfinals sunyac semifinals sunyac seminfinals sunyac track and field 2011 kw sunyac track and field championship spring 2012 kw sunyacs sunys surapaneni surprise survivor survivorm sustainability sustainable suzanne suzanne gouvernet suzanne mettler sweet sweet 16 swim swim meet swim team swimmer swimming swimming and diving swimming pictures swing symphony symposium t. table tag tag day tagged tagging tags taiko tailgate take back the night walk talents talk talking talking about how to make geneseo more global talks tang tank tartuffe task taste tasting tau tax free new york taylor tea tea social hour tea time teach teacher teacher's teacher's day teachers teachers day teaching teachny team team building team leaders team photo team photos team portrait team portraits team work teambuilding teams teamwork tech technology ted ted x teddy teddy bear toss tedx ten ten year reunion tennis tent tent on green tenth terrorism tess necaise test texas rodeo tf th thank thank a giver thank a giver day thankagiver thanking veterans that camp the art of dining the burial at thebes antigone student drama production spring 2011 bg the burial at thebes antigone student drama production spring 2011 sk the comedy of errors the david dance the faith of generations the fantasticks sota school of the arts production spring 2011 bg the fantasticks sota school of the arts production spring 2011 sk the heidi chronicles vegsoup production dress rehearsal spring 2011 kw the homestead the importance of being earnest the lieutenant of inishmore the motherfer with the hat the nys master teacher program for the finger lakes region the wash the white panda concert theare thearpy theater theatre theodora therapy therapy dogs thing thomas thomas l purce thoreau three three decades on the front lines tales of the foreign service threetime individual world poetry slam champion throwing ti ticker tie die tie dye tiedie tiedye tiffany brodner tiffany brodner coordinator student programs and activities speaks about healthy relationships tiller tim tim wright time tl to toast tom tom dooley tom greenfield tom greenfield song tom greenfield tribute song tom matthews tom matthews. tom tomaszewski freshman communications journalism major tomkinson tony tony wiederkehr toss tour tourism tournament tourney tower tower room town town gown towngown townhomes townhouse townhouses towsley track track and field tracy gregg trade trading trading room traditions tragedy training training room trainor trans trans fine by me. transfer travel traviata tree trees trevor hills tribute tricia baxley trip trip to maine trow troy truck truck frenzy tushara tushara surapaneni tutton twilight two tyler tyler brickler tynek týnek u.s. ambassador to pakistan until july 2012 uaa uaa capture the sunset uaa sunset photos uaa tradition traditions broomball spring 2012 jb uaa undergraduate alumni association hockey game fall 2011 winter jb uknight ulman cancer fund umass lowell ice rink practice umbellata undefeated under under water undergrad undergraduate undergraduate alumni association undergraduate research underwater union union ballroom union lecture union lobby union luau unit united united methodist church university university of rochester university police unveiling uofr up up stat upd upstat upstate tax free ur utica uup v valley valley oak valley oak conference center valley sunset van vanarsdale vandermeid vanessa wyckoff vannewkirk varsity varsity athletic weight room vassar veg vegetable vegetables vegsoup vegsoup presents venture venture works ventureworks veteran's veterans veterans day veterans day ceremony veterans day wreath vets vice vice president for college advancement vice president for enrollment management victims victor victor e knight victor e. knight victor knight victoria video videographer vienneau vigil village village breakfast meeting village of geneseo villalon vinyl vinyl record visit visiting vistas visual visual dynamics voiceplay voices volleyball volleyball game volleyball practice volleyball team photo volunteer volunteer and service awards volunteer and service awards dinner volunteer expo volunteer fair volunteer relief trip volunteer weekend volunteering volunteers vote voter votes vox vp vs vs buffalo state vs canisus college vs cortland vs franklin pierce vs fredonia vs morrisville vs nazareth vs new paltz vs oneonta vs oswego vs rit vs rit and new paltz vs. vs. alfred university vs. brockport vs. buffalo state vs. clarkson vs. cortland vs. fredonia vs. hobart vs. hobart william smith vs. houghton vs. juniata vs. keuka college vs. nazareth vs. new paltz vs. nichols vs. norwich vs. oneonta vs. oneonta and fredonia vs. oswego vs. plattsburgh vs. potsdam vs. potsdam and fredonia vs. rit vs. st john fisher vs. stevenson wac wadsworth wadsworth auditorium wadsworth auditorium front wadsworth library wadsworth mansion walk walk off walk the moon walking walkoff wall wall street wall street alumni wall street association walls wally walsh walter walter harding walter harding lecture ward warming warner warplane wars warsaw warsaw plant was wash washington dc interns watch watching water waterfest waterfest activities watermelon watermelon smash watermelon smashing watermelon smashing event wave wave simulator wbb we weekend weeks weeks of welcome weeks of welcome luau weeks presidential wegmans weight weight room weintraub wekk welcome welcome back activities welcome back jam welcome back picnic welcome dinner welcome picnic welfare well well being wellbeing welles welles class welles classroom welles cupula welles hall welles hall classroom welles ivy welles welles wellness wellness expo wendy wendy knapp pogozelski wendy's wendy's classic wendy's tournament wendys wendys classic wenley louis wes wes kennison wgsu wgsu 50 year reunion wgsu archived wgsu black and white images wgsu historical photos wgsu radio station wgsu reunion what what's your story portrait whats your story whats your story portrait wheel wheelchair where she cofounded the undergraduate program in feminist studies which won the 1999 pulitzer prize for drama white white house interfaith and community service campus challenge white oak white oaks white out whiteboard whitewashing who why is this home wil wil conference will william william cronon william smith williams williamsmith wilson win wind window wings winner winners 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